Turtleback-Haisley Sale 2015

Starla at B & R Liquidation did an amazing job for us and treated our estate liquidation as if it were her own home.  She took care of all the many little details - including finding a good home for our old car!  We highly recommend Starla and are thankful that we found her!

Eagle Estate, November 2012


A note to thank you for handling my mother, Eagle's, estate sale. I'm more than happy to recommend your services to others who are looking to clear out an estate or use your eBay services.
It was such a relief to get the help that you and your crew provided in sorting, selling and cleaning out the house. It was also nice to have your expertise in knowing the value of items and getting that value for us on eBay. We were pleasantly surprised with some of the things you sold for us.
It was a job well done and I thank you for your great communication, respect for my mother's belongings, sincerity, and professionalism.

Thank you so much,
Shirley Annecchini​

Shalimar/Knight Estate Aug. 2012

In 2012 I did one of the hardest sales I have ever done one of the owners was in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's which made moving them a real challenge and during the sale the entire sewer system backed up into the basement due to roots in the pipes.Yesterday November 7th 2015 I received this letter from Stephen Knight. (I edited out the personal correspondence as to why it took so long to send the letter)

Dear Starla,

Please excuse our long delay in sending this long overdue letter of thanks.First let us thank you for all of the hard work you did."Mental Health Professionals" have said that moving is one of life's most stressful events. After several moves we can happily say that Starla at B&R Estate Liquidation made our last move the most enjoyable and least stressful of any of our moves.

Stephen & Joanna Knight

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April 2014 (2 homes side by side in Gov't Canyon)

I was blessed to have The Lord send you our way. It truly was a gift to know you were in control. And I did not have to argue with my husband over it all.  You really do earn your money. And deserve more so will pray our Lord rewards you with extra blessings this Easter season and the rest of the year.Take care and thanks again for all you and your special workers, HARD work...

God Bless you and you workers,
Marianna Trondle (Davis Fuller)  ​

Tolliver Estate June 2012

First of all I give my full appreciation to Starla for going above and beyond at such a tough time. She and her team came recommended by a family friend and when I called a much bigger estate sale company (ours was on a smaller scale) they recommended her also. She was able to clean, stage, advertise, sell, and clean up after. I came out briefly to Prescott, but I live in another state, so I was trying to take care of things long distance. What would have been too overwhelming to tackle on my own. She is extremely nice, thorough and follows through with all of the details. She seems to know how to price things realistically, while trying to get you a fair price. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her after my fathers unexpected passing.

Thank you,
Debbie L

Nebeker Sale May 2017

Fouch Sale April 2017

Newport Ridge Sale August 2014

I am pleased to have the opportunity of providing reference for Starla Ryer in the field of Estate Sales and Antique Sales.  She just had a first-rate Estate Sale for us.  She does everything from start to finish, including: placing the newspaper advertising, setting out neighborhood directions to your home from the major roads.  Starla groups all the items you have for sale and arranges the sale items with creative display.  When the sale is completed, she tidies up the areas used and removes all directional signs.

Starla has many years’ experience with antique value and sales.  Once she asked me about an old ceramic vase I had on the fireplace mantle.  It could no longer hold water due to a tiny crack.  She asked if I wanted to sell it, saying she thought by the size, shape and color it might be valuable.  She diligently researched it.  A few days later she dropped in and presented me with a check for over $1,000.

Starla is the most remarkable conscientious individual I have ever met.  She has always been trustworthy and personable in the 10 years I have known her.  I have no reservations about recommending her highly.Lavinia “Vinnie” Berdge and Alice Bergdorfer
August 15, 2014

Thowson Estate August 2013

We had a huge job ahead of us to liquidate our mother's large home in which she had lived for 40 years. She and our father were both only children and had a large accumulation of their possessions as well as both their parents'. The job was daunting, but we felt we could get it done. After many days of unending work we were ready to ask advice about what we thought were antiques and collectables.  We invited an acquaintance, who has an antique booth, to give us some help. His help was wonderful because he strongly suggested we not do the sale ourselves. He said, "You don't know what you have here." He highly recommended we contacted Starla and have her explain what she could do for us. We ended up contracting with Starla to conduct the sale. She and her coworkers were wonderful! They cleaned, sorted, staged, and sold the entire estate. She earned us so much more than we ever expected, and we didn't have to do all the hard work. We were thrilled with the entire experience and can not recommend Starla highly enough! She is very professional, honest, and great to work with. Thank you, Starla !!! G&L Thowson


Jessica B. - Charla Dr.  Sale May 2019

I cannot say enough nice things about Starla's operation. I imagine people are in all states of distress when they contact her because they have just lost a loved one. I was certainly one of those people. But when she walked into my mother's house, she put me immediately at ease. She was kind, sympathetic, and personable. She further impressed me by identifying some old furniture to the year it was purchased. The same thing happened when she went through the jewelry. The only way she could have known was from expertise and experience. I felt comfortable with her the whole time, which was not the case with the other places I was interviewing for the job. Her 35% commission is very reasonable considering all the time and effort she put into the job from start to finish. She used the house for the sale and donated all unsold items. Then she cleaned up and the place looked terrific and ready to go on the market. There are so many unpleasant stressors after a parent passes away, and Starla turned what could have been one of the worst parts into one of the easiest and most pleasant parts. She communicated with me on a regular basis and was very open and honest about everything. I hope I don't require her services again any time soon, but I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who does. here.

January 2014 Jacobson Estate Prescott Country Club

Dougherty & Gail Garner Sale July 2015


Hyde Estate August 2013 

​Starla, We wish to thank you for the excellent orchestration of our downsizing. You made the whole process go smoothly for us. There is no way that we could have conducted a sale of all of  the things we had accumulated over the last twenty years without your help. The moving process was overwhelming without even trying to organize and price our unwanted belongings. When you left our house was very clean and ready for showing. Jeanne Hyde

Fully Insured

Sarah Kay Sale January 2018

If you need estate sale assistance, please do yourself a favor and hire this company.  Starla Ryer of B & R Liquidators, the owner and manager, is honest, friendly, helpful, and as hardworking as they come.  Her contract involves a 35% commission on all sales they manage of the estate sale:  worth every penny!  I had a very difficult situation with a relative's estate, and she was a real trooper through it all.  Starla and her crew cleaned the house, which was a total disaster, and arranged the items for sale impeccably.  She advertised and drew a successful crowd of shoppers, and the sale went admirably considering the challenges and state of the house.  I give her the highest recommendation. Lisa S.

McNey Sale April 2016

Hi Starla,This is Lisa McNey, you did a sale for my husband and I back in the Spring - The Pete McNey Estate. First of all, I want to give you a big thank you! I meant to do this earlier! My dad was so impressed with your work of cleaning out Pete's home. We have not made it back to Arizona yet, but my dad is currently fixing up the house for us and we couldn't have gotten to this place without you and your crew!

Sharpshooter Sale - Yavapai Hills July 2012

Starla,We wanted to thank you for doing such a fine job on our Estate Sale. You were very professional and we will recommend you to our friends. Aloha & Mahalo,Wilma & Richard Boudreau

Ward Estate Sept 2016 before the sale

Hi Starla, 

I thoroughly enjoyed checking your website to see how everything got set up.  You and your helpers did a terrific job!  I am so very impressed with what you've accomplished.  Amazing what can be done when you know what you're doing.  I"m impressed!  


Shalimar/Knight Estate August 2012

I recommended Starla to my seller who was moving out of state to a retirement home.They had a two story house full of collections from their life. Starla came in and spent a lot of extra time with them. After they vacated the house Starla had the sale and then removed all left over items and had the home cleaned for me to sell. She went beyond her call of duty when we developed a plumbing issue and she let the plumber in on numerous occasions. I would highly recommend Starla for estate sales and e-bay sales.
Debbie Dunbar REALTOR® Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty

November 2013 Sale - Mesa Ct. (Williamson Valley)

​Starla, We wish to thank you for the excellent orchestration of our downsizing. You made the whole process go smoothly for us. There is no way that we could have conducted a sale of all of  the things we had accumulated over the last twenty years without your help. The moving process was overwhelming without even trying to organize and price our unwanted belongings. When you left our house was very clean and ready for showing. Barb & Pete

James Estate Coyote Springs March 2013

​I hired Starla after my father had a stroke and had to be placed in assisted living. I had to leave the state to go back home so I left everything up to Starla and her crew to sell all the contents in the house and prepare it for the buyer.  I was very pleased with her services. The sale was more successful than I expected and everything was cleaned for the buyer. The sale of the house went smoothly thanks to Starla. You will find Starla to be an honest professional that you can  count on. 

Chairaty Sale for AGAPE House Prescott for Penny Nicholson March 2019

Kings Highway PV Sale November/December 2012

Dear Starla,

Upon getting home from the holidays I received your second check in the mail, Thank you!I am so pleased with how much extra help and care you gave me. Losing my husband was such a shock and a very distraught time for me and your taking over the emptying of my house and readying it for my realtor was not only a tremendous relief but saved me a lot of stress and hard work. It isn't easy to let everything be left behind and not know what is happening with your belongings but that certainly was not the case with you. You were so good about keeping me informed of everything. Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you continued success in your business which is definitely a plus for someone who has to liquidate quickly.

Barbara Sauers

Dutton Sale August 2017

Dear Starla Ryer:

We are writing to you to express our deepest gratitude for all that you did in managing our father’s estate sale.  Please feel free to post this letter on the Testimonial section of the B & R Estate Liquidation website.
It was so difficult for my sister and I to move our father and stepmother into assisted living in Phoenix.  Once they were settled, we faced an overwhelming task of clearing out their 5000-square-foot Prescott house, full of art, music, furniture, and a mountain of other stuff.  We did the best we could with the help of a few friends.  However, we barely made a dent.  Fortunately, I heard about B & R through a realtor in Prescott.  Starla Ryer and her crew were top notch!
From the moment we met Starla, we knew she was an extraordinary woman.  We were amazed that she would take on such a monumental task.  And take it on she did!  She is so organized, honest, and understanding--and kept us up-to-date on everything she was doing.  She accounted for everything, and of course, left the house spotless and ready to be shown by the realtor.  When we arrived at my father’s house after Starla completed her work, we were overjoyed that such a burden had been lifted off our shoulders.  We can’t recommend her highly enough!
Thank you again for making this difficult time in our lives so much easier.

Wendy and Beth Dutton
More than satisfied clients